Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 5 Thing 11

I looked under the category food to explore a Web 2.0 Award winner. I looked around at the website imcooked.com. I found the website pretty interesting. Users upload videos of themselves cooking recipes. It allows people to feel as if they are a food channel star at home. It allows people to share their best dishes and users to find new recipes. It is cool because you get to see a recipe being made rather than simply following one in print. I was wondering if there is anything like this in education where teachers are videotaping/ sharing great lesson ideas. There are so many creative education ideas that should be shared. I also did some other exploring to find some I might be interested in doing my presentation. I'm hoping to do my presentation on comiqs and learn more about the website.

I also joined Classroom 2.0 network group through Ning. There seems to be a network for all different interest areas. This opens up great connections through the computer to find others with similar interests or causes. I also played around with Travel IQ. I wanted to keep playing but I'm limited with time. I had a college professor make us memorize what every single country in the world was. I found this tedious but maybe it helped my score. I found I know countries but cities are weaker.

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  1. I checked out imcooked, too! I LOVE the idea of teachers taping model lessons and ideas to share. My team did some lesson studies last year that were really successful because we could actually see their teaching strategies, which is totally different from listening to someone talk about it. Great idea!!