Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I set up this blog account today and played with Yahoo! Avatars for the first time. I found an outfit that included a baby so I had to pick that one to represent my 4 month old. I wish I could use the same system and edit the baby's appearance to look a little cuter.


  1. Welcome to Classroom Learning 2.0. One of these days, you'll probably set up a Flicker account for all the baby photos! Enjoy your discovery learning adventure.

    Best wishes.

  2. That is adorable!! I wonder if they would let me put all my kids in there.... on second thought it's nice to be on my little beach alone, with just my cat and my book. Ahhhhh. I'm dreaming now...

    I think your baby is pretty cute as is!

  3. we'll just use mommy eyes to see your beautiful child; your comments demonstrate how personal aspects of our lives make a difference in how we use tech