Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 4 Thing 8

This is the first I've signed up for RSS feed. I used Bloglines and signed up for a variety of newsfeeds. I really liked this service. I like that it was so easy to sign up for the feeds. They had suggestions for users and easy clicks to the most popular feeds. I could use this service in a library or for personal use. I signed up for ones that I thought were interesting. As a librarian, I could sign up for educational ones. It makes it so easy for educators to have all that feeds in one place. It seems like it would save so much time and make easy access to information. I thought the book readers clubs would be great for teachers and libraries to check out reviews for books. News feeds could be used for current events. Teachers could look for specific feeds that support their curriculum. The best thing is to put all the information in one place to save from future searches and clicking around the web.

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