Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 3 Thing 7

I'm really excited about all we will do with technology in this course. It doesn't feel burdensome to fulfill requirements like some assignments in courses. I definitely will come out of this course with so much more knowledge and experience with technology. I am amazed at all that is available. I think it is so important to include technology in our lesson plans, especially with this generation of students. I am on maternity leave currently from my teaching position. Over the summer all classrooms got smartboards so I'm so excited to have this in my room. At home I'm looking forward to using Skype. For my dad's birthday I bought each of us a camera for our computers. Living apart from my family has been harder now that I have a baby. Using Skype will allow us to see each other more even if my parents can't hold my baby as much as they would like.


  1. Haha, I know what you mean by its not feeling burdensome! It's nice to do classwork and have fun at the same time.

    Good luck with your SmartBoard...I just started a new job and I am (trying) to use one in's kind of embarrassing when the kids have to show you how to use it! I hope I get training soon!

  2. how do you see applications for students/users?

  3. I think students love being presented information visually and in a computer format. The smartboards allow a more interactive computer lesson with the students. I will need to get trained when I go back to school.