Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 8 Thing 18

I played around with Zoho Writer and published from Zoho to the blog. That is my zoho document listed as Halloween post. It was pretty easy to use and definitely easy to post in the blog. I didn't realize it would look just like the other posts in my blog. I thought it might have a different appearance. Zoho was a little slower than I was hoping. I was originally going to create a simple document with pictures of my new house but it took a long time. Then there were errors uploading the images. So I instead just wrote about what was on my mind for this week. This was my first use of Zoho Writer. I can see the benefits of saving documents to one place. This maybe useful for people who are constantly emailing themselves documents to complete at work or home. I definitely hear people talking more about the use of Google Docs more than Zoho Writer.

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