Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 6 Thing 15

This activity was interesting because it involved watching a few different You Tube Videos. The Disney copyright video was so well done. I know the dynamics of sharing information and copyright is so different in the digital social networking era we are now in. I watched the You Tube video about the Creative Commons website to get an overview. I haven't yet explored much of the website yet. It seems like a great plan to share creativity with others. I also watched the You Tube video "Did You Know 4.0". This was a huge reminder of the power and use of technology. It show how things have changed in just the last few years. I also read "Away from Iceburgs" about what libraries need to watch out for. It struck me how differently we will need to view library collections in the next years. It seems we are getting our training as media specialists but that is a highly changing dynamic of how we will view our jobs and roles in libraries. When I watch things like the Did You Know 4.0 video, it makes me so excited to approach my role as a librarian to use all the benefits of technology to enhance our students' education.

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