Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 7 Thing 16

I enjoyed looking at some of the sample Wikis that were included. The first time I had used a Wiki was in our first semester of LS classes last year. We worked together on the wiki to complete a budget. It was so easy to use and to collaborate to complete the assignment. It is so nice with a wiki to get to edit a web page without having any knowledge of HTML language skills. It was the first time I really felt connected to others in our cohort also by working together. I think there is a lot of potential of using wikis within education. Collaboration can happen when common planning time is not available. I could see good potential for students using wikis to complete a class project. A lot of students like to communicate more through technology. I hope to make it to the Tapped In session to hear other classmate's insights on wikis.

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