Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Kristen Will Celebrate 1st Halloween this Saturday



I now have the joy of Trick or Treating with my own child.  We have enjoyed nieces and nephews in past years, but now we have our own kiddo to dress up.  Matt actually allowed me to dress Scout up last year as Super Dog.  It's the only time he'll let me put clothes on Scout. 


This year we wanted to coordinate our dog and baby.  We decided  Scout would be a banana and Kristen would be a monkey.  Target didn't have his size, but we ordered from Target.com.   About 3 weeks later, I called Target to find out where the package was.  We found out the sad news that there are no banana outfits in stock in Scout's size.    It was available on Ebay, but the auction price got too high to justify to qualify a pet costume as an essential need. 


So Scout will probably stay home this year and Kristen will go solo in her monkey outfit.  Is it wierd to collect candy for a baby whose sole nourishment is from nursing?  Do people know it's just for the parents of the baby?  I know it will probably bring out the old feelings of my youth as I feel the victory of a Reeses Cup or Twix. 





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