Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 9 Thing 22

I clicked on the link from our assignment page and read more about ebooks and looked up the different fact sheets. This is an area that I'm wondering how interests in ebooks will evolve. I enjoy audiobooks for trips. I have not yet ventured to read an ebook. The link we read from our class assignment page mentioned the difficulty of eye strain. My eyes always hurt after spending a long time at the computer so I wonder how my eyes would handle an ebook. One appealing aspect of ebooks is the reduction of clutter. I explored the free ebooks site. I searched some books about babies which is my most common reading topic these days. I didn't really find any that I would want to read that were provided. Everytime I go onto Amazon the Kindle is being advertised on the home page. Since I haven't ever read an ebook I'm curious to hear the comparison of traditional book vs ebook from someone who has experienced both.

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