Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 9 Thing 21

This was my first exploration of Podcasts. I listened to the 60 minutes podcast. I also listened to a little bit of some podcasts about the tv show Lost. They were talking about other current events including the World Series and V rather than just Lost. These Lost podcasts are probably more interesting when the series is actually on. I know there are always wierd things you don't catch that others do when watching Lost. I also listened to a Podcast Books on the Night Stand. It was about Literary fads including vampires, zombies, and angels. I'm not really a fan of talk radio so these particular Podcasts reminded me too much of talk radio to enjoy. I think if there is some topic or some theme someone loves to follow, that a specialized Podcast may intrigue them. I'm sure there are some great Podcasts to use in education to present information a different way to students.

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  1. yes, that's one negative about online -- I can't share a Kindle with the class...