Sunday, November 22, 2009

AT Module 2

I almost forgot to do this blog. I was so worried about getting our hardware selection assignment turned in the beginning of this week since I have company in town. It just hit me that I never did this. Glad I didn't totally forget.

I really am enjoying learning about the different assistive technology that is available. The You Tube video that shows the graphic designer using assistive technology was amazing. I was so thankful that she has the chance to rise above her challenges.

I did my hardware selection based on a student with visual impairment. I looked all over the EnableMart website with the technology available for different disabilities. I'm so glad that people have developed this amazing equipment. It seems we will need to keep developing technology to keep up with new technology.

I was surprised by just how expensive all of the equipment is. I wonder how many disabled students have been denied access to what they need simply because of budget needs.

When I was choosing my hardware the ease of portability was important to me. I heard about a visually impaired student in my old county that all that was provided was a clunky old CCTV that was not even housed in any of the classes he was in. I think you have to be logical and find what's most beneficial for the student when provided assistive technology.


  1. Ali, I almost forgot, too! I started Module 2 last weekend, ambitious to get ahead, and now I'm scrambling to finish Sunday night!

    I chose visual impairment, too. You're right about choosing AT that will be portable and practical to use. One of our visually impaired first graders uses a Braille writer that is too heavy for him to carry. One of the paraprofessionals didn't like dragging it around either, so they had to choose ONE classroom to house it, out of the many he visits.