Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AT Module 5

This was a nice conclusion to our AT discovery exercises. It was good to read some suggested lesson plans. A lot of good resources are available and promoted during disability awareness month. It was interesting to study AT in this course. I'm on a team at our church that was brainstorming needs of our church over the next few years. We met last night and one area that came up was making sure we meeting the needs of those with disabilities. They talked about updating our technology available for those who need help hearing the sermon. I thought that was awesome that our church was looking to use funds to use assistive technology.
I spent a little bit of time looking through the books on Library Thing about characters with disabilities. Some I am familiar with but some titles were new to me. I hope to have some down time to get to read a little. I'll check out a few of these books. I really think Library Thing is a great resource. I found the information in these AT modules beneficial.

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